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Increase your Nubank limit to R$ 7,000 until the Carnival!  See how

Increase your Nubank limit to R$ 7,000 until the Carnival! See how

Nubank, a popular Brazilian fintech company, has announced new features that allow customers to increase their credit card limit up to R$7,000, even before Carnival. Thanks to the “Nu Limite Garantido” and “Construir Limite” features, users can increase their purchasing power, without the need for a credit analysis.

How to use No Limit Garantido?

“Nu Limite Garantido” is a practical and smart way to convert investments into a line of credit. Therefore, if a customer invests R$7,000, he will have the same amount available for purchases on his card. The amount is stored in a type of virtual cash register, in the form of a bank deposit receipt (RDB).

A practical guide on how to activate “Nu Limite Garantido”

  1. Access the “My Limits” section in the Nubank app (Android and iOS).
  2. Choose the “Guaranteed Bare Borders” option.
  3. Follow all the information and click Continue.
  4. Select the amount you want to invest and confirm the action.

The “Build Limit”, how does it work?

In Build Limit, the customer has the option to reserve an amount from his Nubank account, which, although not generating income, will be used to increase the credit card limit. In other words, when this function is applied, the reserved amount becomes unavailable for other operations but is available as an additional credit card limit.

Steps to use “Build Limit”

  1. In the My Limits area, select the amount you want to reserve.
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Using the 4-digit password, confirm the operation.

Through these features, Nubank aims to advance its goal of providing greater financial freedom to customers, expanding capabilities according to their needs and enhancing user satisfaction.

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How to use Nubank virtual card?

In the context of online purchases, it is advisable to use the Nubank virtual credit card, which can be embedded in the user's digital wallet (Google, Apple or Samsung Pay) and used for contactless payment at card terminals. Through a few simple steps, the virtual card can be added to the digital wallet and benefit from the advantages of this payment technology.

How to insert Nubank card into digital wallet?

  1. In the Nubank app, access “My Cards”.
  2. Click on the virtual card you want to add to your wallet.
  3. Enter your 4-digit password to access card information.
  4. Click “Configure”.
  5. Select “Add to Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay”.
  6. Add and continue.

Contactless technology is a technology that allows payments to be made without physical contact with the device. They are found in major institutions, and are easily recognizable by their icon, as well as the digital wallet icons in apps.

Through these innovations, Nubank seeks to make the customer experience increasingly practical and secure.