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Marcao plans to reunite with his friend Thiago Silva in Fluminense: “Go home” |  Fluminense

Marcao plans to reunite with his friend Thiago Silva in Fluminense: “Go home” | Fluminense

Marcao talks about his friend Thiago Silva’s return to Fluminense: “Go home”

-I’m really happy that the Silva family is back. We have been waiting for this blessed news for a long time, it has been a process. Thiago, since he left, promised he would come back. We were sure he would return in time. He is back to the ridiculously high level he has now reached in the Premier League. I think he is the only one who did it, he is the only one who managed to do it – Marcao told the reporter, adding:

-You are coming to help us, to contribute so much with your leadership, strength, and dedication. I’m sure all of us tricolors are very happy. Thank you Silva family, thank you Isabel (Silva, Thiago’s wife), thank you Maninho, you can be sure to come home again. A kiss on the heart, stay with God, I love you so much. Come home!

Thiago Silva and Marcao in the CT de Fluminense team – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In 2006, Marcao had his final year as a tri-colour player while Thiago, returning from Russia, got his first professional opportunity in… Fluminense. Together they were part of the team that reached the semi-finals of the Brazilian Cup and 15th place in the Brazilian League.

Marcao and Thiago Silva at Paris Saint-Germain Stadium – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Thiago, in turn, remained at the Rio club until the end of 2008. The defender was the Brazilian Cup champion and the Libertadores Cup runner-up before bidding farewell and leaving Brazil again. This time the destination was Milan. From Italy, the number 3 went to Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea before returning to Fluminense.

Thiago Silva and Marcao watch Fluminense vs. Palmeiras match at the Maracana, 2018 – Photo: Reproduction

– I call all the time (laughs), God willing, the time will come. We cried a lot. Our fans think Thiago Silva doesn’t care about us, but he cares a lot. He’s there at 9pm, 10pm, watching us. Put your shirt on and put your kids on (to cheers). I hope Heavenly Father hears us and we have the opportunity to see the Captain with us. He has a contract with the club (Chelsea), but we don’t know anything about the future. No one imagined Marcelo would come – as he explained in detail.

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