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Al-Nahj News – The new director of Assis Regional Hospital talks about his career

Al-Nahj News – The new director of Assis Regional Hospital talks about his career

Edmar Luis de Oliveira, Technical Advisor II for Public Health at Assis Regional Hospital, has been appointed Technical Director for Health III. The decision was published on Friday morning, the tenth of this month, in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo. Edmar takes over the position that used to belong to Thelma Carneiro Spira.

The new director is 51 years old, married with two children, and works at the Regional Hospital and Santa Casa de Asis. He graduated as a nurse from the University of Paulista in January 2007, obtained two postgraduate degrees, one in professional nursing and one in hospital administration in the field of public health, from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo and is currently studying for a third postgraduate degree in teaching in Higher Education.

“I started my career at Assis Regional Hospital in August 1991. One month before the hospital started its activities, it opened. I was appointed under a law called 3131, I took the exam and was appointed on May 2, 1993. I had a career in hospital pharmacy and on November 7, 2023 I was published I retired, but in August 2023 I was invited by “the previous administration to take over the position of Level 2 Public Health Advisor, where I remained until then,” recalls Edmar.

According to him, when he received the invitation to assume the role of hospital director, he accepted the challenge, asking God for help and support from his family. “HRA is a reference hospital for 25 municipalities and is 100% within the total SUS area. I really hope that as director of this hospital I will contribute with the knowledge I have gained during this period as a nurse, both in assistance and in management, so that I can provide quality and humane assistance to SUS patients.”

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Edmar started his career as a nurse at Santa Casa de Asis Hospital in March 2009. He was assisted and invited to supervise orthopedic surgery, then support coordination and currently holds the position of Auxiliary Services Coordinator.

“Before taking on this role, I spoke a lot with the Santa Casa Board of Directors. In the regional hospital the working hours are 6 hours and then I finish my working day in Santa Casa de Asis, like many people who have two working days. This does not affect anything, there is no Conflict of interest: I do not represent Santa Casa, I am an employee and I want to make it clear that at no time did I work in both places at the same time, which harmed one institution or the other. I deny this, it is not my character : “I would never do that.”