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bankruptcy?  Americana announces the closure of at least 50 stores

bankruptcy? Americana announces the closure of at least 50 stores

After January 11th of this year, Americana has never been the same after realizing the lack of billions in cash reais. This case has taken on gigantic proportions, trying to find a single responsible person. In recent months, the retailer has tried to recover, but it is still struggling. Find out what happened to one of the largest Brazilian retail companies. will you go bankrupt

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Americana announced the closure of 50 stores

Of the 50 stores that are part of Americana’s cost reduction, 48 have ended their management activities. In this case, at least 38 have already gone out of business, serving the public in the supermarket model.

Advocacia Zveiter e Preserva Ação is the office managing the judicial recovery, which has only slowed the losses. Thus, the company reduced the payment period to suppliers by 118 days.

In the context of debt, no supplier wants to sell on credit to a non-paying customer. This happened with Americana, which saw its partners deny agreements and demand dues upfront to avoid default.

The mystery behind Americana’s financial gap

Well, if someone is dead, there are also companies that do not comply with agreements and are out of stock. Upon discovering inconsistencies in the entry and exit spreadsheets, Sérgio Rial, faced with disappointment, decided to leave the position.

The businessman who has been president for 10 days says this kind of fraud is unacceptable. So I wanted to take the stress out of trying to restore credibility after these unprecedented administrative failures.

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Interface growth? Bankruptcy is approaching

The truth is, Americana’s bankruptcy is approaching, with alarming numbers for those who care about its management. This outstanding balance of R$20 billion has been piling up for nearly a decade.

In one year, cash flow decreased by 38%, representing a movement of R$1.2 billion. This amount does not even cover 5% of the billions of riyals in debt, which has been exacerbated by the lack of public appeal in the campaigns.

Until January, no one suspected this crisis, since in 2022 the application was published by Big Brother Brasil 22. After that, Red Friday and “Americana Local” points focused on fast food products. All of this projected growth seems to be window dressing.