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Atendimento pelo SUS na Casa de Saúde Santana é suspenso

SUS service suspended at Casa de Saúde Santana – Acorda Cidade

Posted on 9/11/2021 7:50 AM.

The Municipal Health Department did not renew the contract because the documents required by law were not available.

Photo: Paulo Jose/Accorda Cidad

Andrea Trindade

Former Mayor Tarsizio Pimenta has denounced on social networks that Casa de Saúde Santana will not provide care through SUS because the contract with the municipal health department has not been renewed.

“This is a great absurdity, committed against the poorest residents of Feira de Santana. Those who rely on SUS orthopedic care at Casa de Side Santana Hospital, who rely on surgical procedures, will have no more appointments, due to the bureaucracy of the Municipal Health Department. . Vieira de Santana began to suffer chaos in public health,” Tarsizio announced.

According to the Municipal Health Minister, Marcelo Brito, there was a valid contract and the term has expired, and in order to renew it, it is necessary to submit documents.

“We had a meeting with the directions of Casa de Saúde Santana, when we made it clear that there are some documents that need to be attached to the contract renewal process. The municipality has an interest in renewing the contract with all service providers, we need it, but the law specifies that I cannot renew, for example, Only by social contract, permits, bank account protocols, debt relief certificates, municipal, state and federal agencies.It is not the secretary or the mayor who decides this, but the legislation, and I can only do this renewal with these documents attached, the documents submitted were incomplete.The secretary explained in Interview with Acorda Cidade that it is open, as soon as Casa de Saúde Santana or any other provider completes the documentation, while still having space for it, it will be renovated.

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The secretary also stressed that Casa de Saúde had failed to provide the business license and tax clearance certificate. Second, he cannot authorize the renewal of contracts without complete documents, since he and the municipality can respond to the Audit Bureau as well as to the Public Prosecution in the future. He stated that the contract with Casa de Saúde Santana had expired for more than a month and that documents had been requested before it expired.