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National Women of Science Award, November 9 at EXMA

National Women of Science Award, November 9 at EXMA

Finalize Tuesday 9 November, in EXMA, the fourteenth edition of Cagliari Science Festival “Science Between Hopes and Discoveries” with mornings dedicated to various face-to-face events and a handover ceremony in the afternoon National Women’s Science Award.

Starting from 16 Awards ceremony subordinate National Award Women’s flag, which will be formatted by Carla Romagnino, Honorary President of Science Association for Science And the Chairman of the Awards Jury, who will witness the participation Maria Maddalena Bashir, President of the ScienzaSocietàScienza, de Patricia Caravio, Director of INAF Research and Professor at the University of Pavia and award recipients.

journalist Suzy RonchiFor GULi.A. with journalists Silvia Rosa BrussinLeonardo Ray, the jury and TG President Leonardo RAI will speak with the award winners.

In addition to the winners of several awards, the ceremony will also witness the presence of representatives from institutions and academia that contribute to the organization of the award.

the prize

The award, now in its third edition and promoted by ScienzaSocietàScienza, honors female figures who have contributed to Sardinia’s standing and advancement in the scientific field. Within the awards, the award will also be given for the second year young women of knowledge, dedicated to the youngest researcher in Cagliari, commissioned by the Equal Opportunity Commission of the Municipality of Cagliari.

What’s new in the 2021 version is Special Jury Prize, is aimed at outstanding women, starting with scientific training, particularly in the academic fields, scientific entrepreneurship and public life. In this first edition, the award was handed over to Maria del Zombo For the tireless and innovative activity that it develops for the university, for research, for the dissemination of scientific culture and gender equality. Maria del Zombo, professor of pharmacology at the University of Cagliari’s School of Medicine and Surgery, directed the University of Cagliari from 2015 until last April.

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Cagliari Science Festival
Cagliari Science Festival


The jury was chaired by Carla Romano, Honorary President of the ScienzaSocietàScienza, and surrounded by seven authorized personalities from the academic and scholarly world, and from the world of scientific research and the world of communication: Michaela Morelli, Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Cagliari; Angela Spano, Professor of Nuclear Medicine, University of Sassari; Anna Lisa Montoni, a researcher at the National Research Institute in Neuroscience, where she heads the Cagliari office; Valentina Savona, Principal of Passinotti Scientific Secondary School in Cagliari; Marta Borgay, researcher at the Cagliari Astronomical Observatory; Giuseppe Mizzurani who was Associate Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Cagliari and Professor in the Doctoral Faculties of History, Philosophy and Science Education, Ph. The Science Woman Prize is organized in collaboration with the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari, the INAF and the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari, the Cagliari Department of the INFN, the Cagliari Department of the Neuroscience Institute of the National Commission for Scientific Research and the Department of Equality. Cagliari municipality opportunities.

It will be an integral part of the award ceremony Conspiracy girls can held by the teacher Patricia Caravio: I The data tells us that at the university Female students outperform male students, improve (on average), graduate faster and get better grades.. Qualified and well-trained young women face a world full of gender biases who struggle to recognize their value.

the program

The festival after Cagliari days It will run from November 12 to November 27 to Nuro, Oristano, Siniscola, Ezeli-Cercedano and Iglesias.

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The last day of the Cagliari Science Festival begins all 9 with the conference Raise your hands from the sky caught by Professor at University of Pavia Patricia Caravio As well as the INAF Research Director who will be speaking with him Emilio Molinari, director of the astronomical observatory in Cagliari, on the defense against a new form of pollution, the form of huge constellations of satellites that want to provide Internet coverage for the entire world.

will follow every 10 book flow political mathematics with the author Chiara Valerio, mathematician, head of the Italian novels department at the Marsilio Publishing House, and works at Radio 3 Radio, who will speak with the journalist Paolo Maglioco.

All 11 there will be Honoring the students who participated in Art and Science Competition And the winners in photo contest Your Instagram: # discoveries

morning ends every 12 Such as NOverenza is in constant flux: Beauty requires passion, passion requires research Be careful Alberto Diasbro Professor starting from Applied Physics, Department of Physics, University of Genoa and its coordination Albert FreemasonDirector of the Cagliari Department at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics: Research is at the heart of hopes and discoveries, and science passes through knowledge. There are no shortcuts. Beauty drives intuition and ideas. Beauty calls for passion, and passion for research closes the circle.

from pThe Italian Nobel Prize for Rowing by Camilo GolgiA few days ago, Josue Carducci, until the last Nobel Prize to Giorgio Baresi, gave Paul Dirac the idea: beauty as a medium is the key to discovery. The ways of science are different, but beauty and elegance unite them. We will follow the path that connects the Macapan stone to man in the age of nanoscience.

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NS Cagliari Science FestivalI have always wanted to make a contribution in terms of scientific publishing and information justice, and this year there was a Cagliari franchise that is world famous in the scientific field which highlighted the importance that science plays in making life less for the entire planet. Difficult.

In addition to explaining the reasons for the spread and spread of the epidemic, the guests provided information on the various goals that have been achieved in various scientific fields in recent years.