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Staff say Bobby Kotick ruined Call of Duty

Staff say Bobby Kotick ruined Call of Duty

Last week, Bobby Kotick officially resigned from his position as CEO of Activision Blizzard. The company's employees took the opportunity to reveal some less happy facts about working under their former boss.

Christina Bullock, a former programmer, criticized Kotick's leadership decisions, which she said negatively affected the games. This is what was stated on platform X:

“I worked on COD for two years as a programmer at Demonware. Bobby's decisions made our games worse. In my first month, it was discovered that he had threatened to kill an employee. In the discussions that followed, no one wanted to speak first. So I demanded his firing in front of everyone.” .

Bullock wasn't the only professional to speak candidly about Kotick's impact on the organization. Community Manager Andy Belford also spoke about how Kotick's decision-making impacts morale.

“I'll break my silence to share a fun fact: When we planned to launch Overwatch 2 on Steam, my team warned (months ago) that we would be bombarded with reviews. We begged for more information, more details, and more resources to help us deal with it,” Belford said. “The expected flow, all of this has been categorically denied.”

“When asked who decided to release the game on Steam without additional help: Bobby,” he concluded.

Interestingly, Kotick's name has been associated with less-than-good positions within Activision Blizzard for years and these statements reinforce that. Check out the posts in question below: