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Scientists create a technology that could end Bluetooth

Scientists create a technology that could end Bluetooth

Are you the type of person who loves sending videos and photos to your friends and family? A few years ago, direct file transfer was only possible through Bluetooth.

With the passage of time, things have changed, and nowadays people use different means to achieve this. activityAlthough the most famous and popular is the WhatsApp application.

As we know, every day thousands of researchers and scientists study and develop different types of technologies.

At the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, scientists have created a more energy-efficient technology for data transfer.

This breakthrough has the potential to replace Bluetooth technology as it provides a more efficient method of communication Devices And extend battery life.

Researchers Robert Prance and Daniel Rogin studied and established the use of electrical waves instead of electromagnetic waves to create a low-power form of communication over short distances while maintaining high performance suitable for multimedia applications.

Currently, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G rely on electromagnetic modulation, a wireless technology developed more than 125 years ago.

In contrast, modify the field electrical It uses short-range electrical waves, and consumes much less power than Bluetooth.

We no longer need to rely exclusively on electromagnetic modulation, which inherently requires a lot of battery power, says Daniel Rogen, professor of engineering and design at the University of Sussex.

“We can improve the battery life of this technology, for example, by using electric field modulation instead of Bluetooth. This solution will not only make our lives more efficient, but will also open new opportunities for interaction with devices in smart homes,” he says in an official note.

Due to their proximity to our devices, researchers have found that it is more efficient to use electric field modulation to connect our devices.

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This makes the battery last longer when listening to music on headphones, answering calls, or using fitness trackers or controllers Tools at home.

While Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 5G rely on electromagnetic modulation, this new method uses electrical waves – Image: Getty Images/Reproduction

Will it be sold in stores?

The study indicates that advances in this technology could change the way we use our devices on a daily basis, in addition to paving the way for a wide range of future applications.

For example, a bracelet using this new technology could allow phone numbers to be exchanged with a simple handshake, or a door could be opened by simply touching the door handle.

Moreover, this technology contains it costs Low, meaning it can be implemented in the community quickly and easily.

“If mass-produced, the solution could be miniaturized on a single chip and at a cost of just a few cents per device, meaning it could be used on all devices in the not-too-distant future,” says Professor Daniel Rogen.

Researchers at the University of Sussex are looking for industrial partnerships to help reduce the size of living organisms further technologyIn order to apply it to personal devices.