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Start 2024 on the right foot with these 6 WhatsApp functions

Start 2024 on the right foot with these 6 WhatsApp functions

Despite increasing competition from messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp He remains the undisputed leader in this scenario. The Meta-owned app claims to have crossed the two billion user mark worldwide. In light of this scenario, it is essential to optimize your account settings before starting in 2024.

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Below we provide general tips and tricks for both new and experienced users, including some secret features you may not know about yet.

Edit messages

Since May 2023, WhatsApp has allowed editing of messages. Make sure you have the latest version of the app and follow these instructions:

iOS and Android: Chat > ​​Specific chat > ​​Send your message > Press and hold the message within 15 minutes of sending > Edit > Confirm.

Using the same WhatsApp on more than one mobile phone

It is now possible to use the same WhatsApp application on multiple phones. After configuring this option, you can have a primary and secondary phone for your WhatsApp chats. Follow these steps on Android or iPhone:

  • Download WhatsApp on the second device.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner when entering the number on the new phone.
  • Select “Link Device” to generate the QR code.
  • On your primary phone, go to Settings > Linked devices > Link Device and scan the QR code on the new device.

Find out who you talk to the most

Find out who's your favorite by analyzing usage statistics, like who receives the most messages and how much space each person takes up.

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iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & data > Manage storage > List of contacts by storage usage.

Quickly delete content from chat

Delete all messages, photos, videos, GIFs or stickers from a specific chat without losing photos.

iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & data > Manage storage > Select the contact > Choose the content type (videos or photos) > Delete.

Review and delete items to free up space

Manage storage space efficiently by viewing chats and files that take up more than 5MB or have been forwarded multiple times.

iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & data > Manage storage > Review and delete items > Select items larger than 5MB or forward them multiple times for deletion.

Save mobile data

Customize settings to save data by setting automatic media download for Wi-Fi only.

iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & data > Automatic media download > Choose the “Via Wi-Fi only” option.