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Brazilian woman goes viral by showing what Americans throw away

Brazilian woman goes viral by showing what Americans throw away

Among the most notable discoveries recorded is a complete barbecuevalued at US$1,000 (5,000 R$), with a built-in air fryer and two new Jacuzzis, each valued at US$500 (2.5,000 R$).

Adeline makes many donations and promotes token sales to the community Photo: personal archive

Adeline says the grill was so large and heavy that it had to be disassembled inside the dumpster before it could be removed. Many of the other large items I found also required special moves, usually with the help of friends.

Sometimes security guards do not like us to go through the trash, because some people commit acts of vandalism. But it is common in the United States, and it is not banned. I even saluted police officers while they were inside the container.

A striking aspect of the Brazilian women’s journey is the spirit of solidarity. “I believe that nothing is so bad that it cannot be reused,” says Adeline. “I repair a lot of things that I find broken, like decorative things, for example. I make a lot of donations and encourage token sales for my community.” , who has a Facebook fan page with 1.6 million followers.

After spending a lot of time rummaging through Americans’ trash, and finding a lot of new and usable things, Adeline raises important questions about waste and recycling in the United States.

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