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South Korea and the US have been conducting joint naval exercises since 2017

South Korea and the US have been conducting joint naval exercises since 2017

The exercise follows North Korea’s missile launch on Sunday (Oct 25).

The South Korea And this America The 1st Joint Naval Exercise since 2017 began this Monday (26.Sep.2022). The move came in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile tests on Sunday (Sept 25). Information from Al Jazeera.

North American Navy has arrived In a statement to South Korea’s southern port of Busan on Friday (Sept 23), the South Korean navy said it was ready for the exercise.Demonstrate the South Korea-US alliance’s strong willingness to respond to North Korean provocations.”.

US exports include a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, unique to the US Armed Forces. In a statement, Commander Said what”arrival [porta-aviões] Ronald Reagan is strategically important to the US-South Korean relationship and is a clear and unmistakable demonstration of US commitment to the alliance.

The naval exercises last for 4 days and involve more than 20 ships and aircraft. Operations undertaken would be anti-ship, anti-submarine warfare, tactical maneuvers and other maritime operations.

This is the first US-South Korea joint military exercise involving a US aircraft carrier in the last 5 years.

On Sunday (September 25), the North Korean government launched a short-range ballistic missile into its maritime territory in response to military tensions between the neighboring country and the United States. The type of missile and the distance traveled were not disclosed.

On the same day, Defense Minister Japan, Yasukazu Hamada estimated that the missile reached a maximum altitude of 50 kilometers and may have flown on an erratic trajectory. He said the missile was launched outside Japan’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) and there was no problem with sea or air traffic.

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Military exercises between South Korea and the US have also been criticized Russia And China. Countries called both sides “Do not take steps to increase tension in the region..