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UK bus operators partner with artificial intelligence firm

UK bus operators partner with artificial intelligence firm

Mobility Editorial
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Two UK bus operators have partnered with public transport data intelligence firm, Citieswift. The platform used by the company uses data analysis and artificial intelligence to improve the operation of the transport service.

A Transdev Placefield And this Trentbarton Serving Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire respectively; and Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire. By adopting technology, regions will have artificial intelligence-driven analytics, simulations and optimizations.

By choosing the Citieswift platform, the two bus operators hope to centralize data collection, storage and analysis from public transport services. Also, organizations have developed specific objectives based on local needs.

Transdev Placefield, for example, hopes to future-proof the bus network. According to the company, it can create a data-based bus network that responds to passenger needs. “The Citieswift platform helps our local authority partners identify delays and bottlenecks on our network, which we want to prioritize, giving bus customers a clear advantage over the car,” says Paul Turner, commercial director at Transdev Blazefield.

TrendBarton uses CitySwift technology to speed up network development and provide a better user experience. As revealed by the technology company, the focus of these partnerships is to get accurate data across the entire network. As technology is developed and computerized, companies intend to invest in an approach designed to shift commuters from private vehicles to public transportation options.

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