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The composition of the vaccine remains the same, but the vaccine is given a new packaging and name.

The EMA approved the name change request on March 25.

It is no coincidence that the British / Swedish pharmaceutical company is looking for a new brand for the corona virus vaccine, and they want to shake up the scandals surrounding the name AstraZeneca in recent months.

In the EU, on the one hand, their distribution promises have been consistently withdrawn, but there is still dust that a rare but sometimes serious or even dangerous side effect has been reported among those vaccinated with Astrogeneneca. Cases have been reported from several countries where blood clots have formed after vaccination in relatively young and mostly female cases.

They argue that the vaccine is safe and that the risks outweigh the benefits of protection, so they encourage the use of the vaccine. However, many countries have stopped vaccinating, and Germany has introduced an age limit: only those over 60 years of age who have been vaccinated seem to have a much lower risk of developing thrombosis.

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