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Solar Eclipse 2023 in Brazil: Learn about the best capitals to witness the phenomenon in October |  Sciences

Solar Eclipse 2023 in Brazil: Learn about the best capitals to witness the phenomenon in October | Sciences

The moon passes between the sun and earth during an annular solar eclipse in Abu Dhabi – Photo: Reuters/Christopher Pike

After the appearance of the two supermoons in August, 2023 still holds at least two other important astronomical events: an annular solar eclipse on October 14, and a partial lunar eclipse in the same month.

See below for exact dates of events:

  • ☀️October 14 – Annular solar eclipse (which will be visible in most parts of the country)
  • 🌗 October 28-29 – partial lunar eclipse (which will be visible in a small part of the country)

The next solar eclipse is called Eliminates. This is because even in cities where the full view of the event is considered, the sun will still be visible slightly as a ring around the moon’s shadow (See the example in the photo at the top of the article).

Cities such as Natal (RN), João Pessoa (PB), Juzeiro do Norte (CE) and São Félix do Xingo (PA) will be lucky enough to observe the “ring of fire” around the moon created by our sun.

On the other hand, in much of the Midwest, Southeast, and South, the sky is seen near 3 p.m. on October 14th You will see our star “bite” by the Moon.

A NASA graphic shows what the ‘ribbons’ of an annular solar eclipse in October 2023 will look like – Image: Reproduction

It is worth noting that solar eclipses can only be observed using a special filter or by looking at the sun’s reflection.

Learn about the different types of eclipses by watching the video below:

The lunar eclipse will not be very interesting this year, at least for Brazil.

Seeing the lunar eclipse in October. In Brazil, the phenomenon will occur as the moon rises, which will make it difficult to monitor. Image: NASA

However, only a small part of our natural satellite will be covered, which makes it difficult to observe this phenomenon.

However, in João Pessoa, for example, the moon will be close to the horizon when the eclipse reaches its peak. Therefore, even if the weather conditions are favorable that day and the observer is stationed in a high place, it may be difficult to see this eclipse.