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Snake on board: Snake 'invades' plane in Thailand and scares passengers;  Watch the video |  world

Snake on board: Snake 'invades' plane in Thailand and scares passengers; Watch the video | world

Snake on a plane: an animal “invades” planes in Thailand and scares passengers; Watch the video

A snake was spotted on a flight in Thailand on Saturday afternoon (13). Terrified passengers spotted the crocodile inside an AirAsia plane at an altitude of 2,000 feet.

The Airbus A320 was flying from Bangkok to Phuket Island. The passengers who were under the trunk where the snake was located recoiled in horror and jumped out of their seats to stand in the aisle.

The video shows the snake in the upper cabin of the plane. A flight crew member reached the snake and used an empty plastic bottle to place it in a plastic bag.

According to the owner of the video, the incident occurred when the plane was about to land.

He said: “Snakes can fly too! All this happened above my head. They found a snake on a plane.”

A snake found on a plane in Thailand scares passengers. -Photo: Reuters/Reproduction

Still unsure if the snake was venomous — and potentially deadly — it was then safely captured and stored in a closet.

One stunned passenger, a British tourist from the UK, said: “I don't like creepy crawlies at the best of times, let alone snakes on my head.”

“I was so relieved when they took it [a cobra] despite of. The hostess was calm and professional. But I was shaking every time I felt something, thinking there might be another snake on board.

The passenger also remembered the horror movie “Snakes On a Plane.”

Ground staff at Phuket International Airport boarded the plane before any passengers could depart. They searched hand luggage to ensure that none of the passengers had smuggled the snake – or other animals – onto the plane.

The snake was later identified as Blanford's bridle snake, a harmless snake species endemic to Asia. The animals are not venomous and avoid attacking humans.

In October last year, a rat and an otter smuggled in a passenger's carry-on luggage, along with other strange creatures, caused chaos when they escaped into the air and bit the hand of a flight attendant on a VietJet flight from Bangkok to Bangkok. Taiwan. .