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No more asking for your password!  Connect to the Internet for free anywhere!

No more asking for your password! Connect to the Internet for free anywhere!

In a world where practicality is our watchword, Android 10 users have a clever trick at their disposal to bypass the need for passwords and connect to networks with ease. Wifi protected. Let's unravel this technological mystery and explore how, using a simple QR code, you can be online within seconds.

Android 10 trick: a well-kept secret

To achieve this technological achievement, it is necessary to have the Android 10 operating system OS Which reveals this secret to the most intelligent users. The trick relies on features that are exclusive to this specific model, making it a gem for those looking to simplify their internet connection.

Step by step: Connect to Wi-Fi without password

  1. Access cell phone settings: The first step is to enter your device's settings area. Go to the tab dedicated to Wi-Fi, and get ready to reveal the secrets of connecting without a password;

  2. Choose your protected network: Under Wi-Fi Zone, select the protected network you want to connect to. Here comes the trick: Look at the option called “Wi-Fi QR Code”. This is the gateway to hassle-free communication;

  3. Scan QR code: After choosing your network, go back to the initial settings and select the desired Wi-Fi network again. Now, tap on the box at the top corner of the screen to reveal the secret. Use your device's camera to scan the QR code provided. Charm? not exactly. Technology does the work, and the connection is created automatically;

  4. Saved network and stable connection: After this magical process, the network will be saved on your device. Even if your mobile phone runs out of data, you'll stay connected. Just go to Settings, go to Networks or Mobile Connections, activate the Personal Wi-Fi Zone option and allow other devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

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Whether it's a mobile data emergency or a quest for efficiency, this trick delivers technological magic for Android 10 users. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network without a password has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free connectivity and navigate the vastness of the world without any hiccups. Internet.