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Technology uses robotics to isolate sound in any environment

Technology uses robotics to isolate sound in any environment

Who among us has never needed silence in a noisy public environment? The solution in these cases is to isolate yourself in a closed place if possible. But now, there’s a new technology that promises to mute sound in a specific place by using robots and creating “bubbles” of silence.

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Two robots “neutralize” external noise

How does the sound insulation system work?

According to researchers, the robots are highly intelligent and move independently. As they automatically position themselves in the environment, they isolate sound in the best possible way so that different conversation groups have privacy.

Technology makes it possible to create conversation zones, where one can talk without noise problems. Likewise, it is able to completely suppress sound coming from certain areas, creating 100% silent areas.

For example, if you’re in a group with many friends and have multiple simultaneous conversations, the system can cancel out the audio of others’ dialogue and remove the noise entirely, making your conversation private.

Watch a video explaining this scenario:

See another example of technology application:

Although it is still in its initial stage, those responsible for the project ensure that there are no risks to the security and privacy of conversations. No dialogue is recorded by the system.

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