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What will the new Apple model look like?

What will the new Apple model look like?

We shouldn't have official Apple demos until the Apple event, an annual event held in September, for which Apple usually saves its major new product announcements. But, so you don't hold back until then, here's what the main rumors are saying about the new iPhone line.

iPhone 16: New button, better performance, and camera rearrangement

The Pro Line iPhones should increase (see below), but the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, which are more basic models, should remain about the same as their 15-line versionsat least at first glance, according to MacRumors, which usually has good inside sources at Apple.

At the back there should be a change: In contrast to the 15's tilted camera arrangement, Apple is considering placing the iPhone 16's cameras vertically, one below the other.

The chips have to change for the better. The iPhone 15 reused the A16 chipset from the iPhone 14, but rumors indicate that Apple will use a 3nm chipset for the iPhone 16. This is not entirely new, as this technology was already present in the iPhone 15 Pro line, but the 16 version should be more Updated – and therefore faster. Just to put it in context, a chipset like this, with smaller proportions, results in faster performance and lower battery consumption.

Another interesting new feature is that the action button, which was previously limited to the Pro and Pro Max models, should come to the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus. This button can be customized to perform a task you specify, such as opening the camera, turning on the flashlight, or starting an audio recording.

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