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New job success!

New job success!

We can’t always hire a tour guide for our adventures. Indeed, butterflies in the stomach often come precisely with this independence.

However, getting lost is a possibility that people dread, but today Google technology offers many features to users. Keep reading and learn all about the Google Maps tour guide tool!

Google Maps

Google Maps is a location tool that helps anyone who needs accurate coordinates to get from one point to another or simply find out where they are on a map.

However, it needs reference addresses to be able to guide the user a faster path to the desired destination.

In addition, the best path is directed by sound, if the individual so desires, or simply by a blue highlight indicating the correct path.

In addition to the application that works on both Android and iOS platforms, Google Maps allows you to discover real-time information about traffic, which bus to take to get to a certain place and businesses.

However, the service still sees more potential to expand to offer functionality that will definitely be a big differentiator.

With that said, the app has decided to bring a completely new interface, with improved points in the immersive view and the ability to download park maps for offline consultation.

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New from Google Maps

In addition to other points that have been improved, the Google Maps novelty that gets people talking is the new “tour guide” option.

With this, the app will be able to inform the trails within the national parks through the maps available for download.

To get this access it is very simple, just search for a park near you and when you find it, click on the download button in the list.

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With this, you can access that file even without the internet. This is because, in many areas, mainly inside the woods, you don’t pick up the internet signal very well.

In addition, the app also provides detailed routes and recommendations for popular trails and local attractions.