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How did a cheap and popular drink in Brazil help Madonna increase her billionaire fortune?

How did a cheap and popular drink in Brazil help Madonna increase her billionaire fortune?

Neither Coca-Cola nor coffee: how a cheap and popular drink in Brazil helped Madonna increase her billionaire fortune?

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram/Madonna/Purepeople

Neither Coca-Cola nor coffee: Did you know that Madonna managed to increase her billion-dollar fortune with an inexpensive drink that is very popular in Brazil? queen of pop manager, This already exists in our country To introduce yourself On Copacabana Beach this weekendclaims to be such a big fan of coconut water that she has invested nearly US$1.5 million in a company that makes the drink.

Madonna convinced other celebrities to invest in the drink

Madonna’s manager Guy OsearyHe said the owner of the “Material Girl” single invested in Vita Coco and also convinced a number of other celebrities to also invest in the New York-based company.

Celebrities who have also bought shares in the coconut water manufacturing company include movie stars Matthew McConaugheyWhat is it Married to Brazilian model Camila AlvesAnd Demi Moore. In addition to them, the vocalist Anthony KiedisBy Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The celebrity investment, along with an investment from Oseary, is estimated at less than $10 million but represents a minority stake in Vita Coco. Oseary said one of the company’s attractive points is its independence. “The fact that they say no to everyone who wants them is really cool. You want to go to the party that no one else is invited to,” he said.

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