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Singer • Eurogamer.pt says: A remake of a major PlayStation game to be announced in December

Singer • Eurogamer.pt says: A remake of a major PlayStation game to be announced in December

He says I am working on a theme for this new version.

PlayStation is preparing to announce the remake of one of its biggest releases.

Who says this is the singer Abha McMahon, better known as AVA, who was asked in a recent interview about her current work and confessed, thank you Reset, who has worked on a song that will promote a remake that PlayStation will announce around Christmas.

“I recently wrote a song for the PlayStation game with Michael McGlynn,” AVA said.

“Yeah, that was about a year and a half ago, that was right before the pandemic. McGlynn called me and simply said, ‘Listen, we’re writing music to remake the PlayStation game,’ and he did a lot, said AVA when asked for more details.” The truth is I’m not a player.”

So he says, ‘Look, it’s an Irish play that we want. “So I co-wrote the Irish language lyrics and his daughter sang in the music and his wife arranged the art for the pieces with the choir, as Michael did. He also worked with me on the language part, it was kind of an effort in the family.”

“For a long time I couldn’t, she didn’t know what she was writing for, it was all a secret because they didn’t want to reveal it. That’s why the name of the game will be announced at Christmas. I know what it is and I’ve confirmed it’s a great game, and it’s great!” It’s going to have a song in Irish, which is great.”

Michael McGlynn and the group ANUNA, to which AVA belongs, previously worked with Yasunori Mitsuda on “Shadow of the Lowlands” for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in addition, McGlynn starred in Mitsuda at the Xenogears 20th anniversary celebrations.

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Will we announce a remake of a game related to Mitsuda? It will likely be revealed on December 9 at the Game Awards.