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New images show the thawed Antonov AN-225; The pilot talks about “Mriya 2.0”

After 33 years of flights, the iconic Antonov AN-225 Mriya, the world’s largest commercial airliner, Destroyed during the fighting at Gostomel airport, northwest of Kyiv. Specialists of the state-owned manufacturer have already concluded that this unit cannot be restored, but they shed a spark of hope by declaring their intention to create a new project and develop a new model of the aircraft.

Such a project does not exist yet, and even when it does exist And it was approvedIt will take a few years to complete. In the midst of all this context, there is still the cost of reconstruction, which could easily exceed a billion US dollars to bring the Ukrainian “dream” back to the sky.

What is required for this purpose should be determined by a special commission under the auspices of the state-owned industrial group Ukroboronprom. While this new project remains unconfirmed, new information about the destroyed copy has been published in Gostomel.

New information

a second Video posted on Saturday (7) pilot AN-225Dmytro Antonov, the area around the destroyed aircraft has already been completely cleaned, and the manufacturer’s teams will now begin to dismantle the roof of the hangar, so as to lead to collapse risks and injuring more people.

He also talks about the idea of ​​​​reconstructing the Gostomel airport and comments on the presence of people working on the 2D and 3D models of the future AN-225 project, which he calls “Mriya 2.0”. However, he still didn’t expect any pictures of how it would turn out.

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In turn, Kiyv Independent reporter Ilya Ponomarenko published new high-resolution photos of the hangar where the AN-225 was when it was attacked. Although the images only enhance other previously released images, they give another perspective to the destruction.

new video

As you can see in the video (below, wait for the loading), only the skeleton of the main landing gear is visible. The right wing is also more damaged than initially thought, with large holes. On the other hand, Mariah’s ass appears to be intact.

Many are wondering if the aft parts of the aircraft can be used to build a new model of the aircraft, but there is no answer to this question at the moment.