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Cancer survivor breaks record with 104 marathons in 104 days

Cancer survivor breaks record with 104 marathons in 104 days

Jacky Hunt-Broersma, 46, started running after receiving a Left leg amputation due to cancer. Having completed 104 marathons in 104 days, since January, she can enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Jackie, who lives in Arizona, USA, runs 42 kilometers every day, usually taking about five hours.

Last Saturday (30) she completed her 104th marathon in 104 consecutive days – an achievement she hopes will be recognized by the Guinness Book.

A spokesperson for the organization said that the testimony register It will take about three months.

Running changes your life

Jackie was diagnosed in 2002 with Ewing sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. Within two weeks, his left leg was amputated to save his life. She was only 26 years old.

She said she suffered a lot in the early years. I was angry about cancer and ashamed of not having a leg. He even wore long pants so they wouldn’t notice the prosthesis.

But when she bought a special prosthesis for long-distance runners to accompany her husband, she signed up for her first 10km race and never stopped!

She says racing was mostly a mental game, but it also involved a physical toll.

“I’m a nothing-or-all person, so I threw myself into it,” he explains. “I love pushing boundaries and seeing how far I can go.”


At the beginning of the year, Jackie set herself a new goal: the record for most consecutive marathons.

The women’s Guinness World Record is 95 marathon – set two years ago by Alyssa Amos Clark, a non-amputee runner from Vermont, USA – who accomplished the feat as a strategy to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Jackie ran 2,734 miles (about 4,400 kilometers). The Guinness book told the Associated Press that it will take about 12 to 15 weeks to review the evidence and certify the record.

Obviously, Jackie will succeed. What an overcoming! applause!

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