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Where are the two upside down rolls of toilet paper?

Where are the two upside down rolls of toilet paper?

Visual challenges are very popular on the internet and can boost our brain power, visual skills and concentration. In addition, they are great partners in developing and training our talent.

It can appear in different ways, the most famous of which is Optical illusions, characterized by images or videos that recreate different perceptions of people. Therefore, they can hide almost imperceptible details and elements.

Toilet paper roll challenge

One of these illusions has been circulating on the nets as a very interesting visual challenge and is made from a staple that you definitely have at home. This test consists of an image with several rolls of toilet paper lined and uniform. Among them are two unusual items, which must be found in a maximum of 30 seconds.

However, be patient: the specified time is not short. Keep calm and try to notice all the details.

Do you think you can find them on time? Now test your skills in this challenge. But be very focused, because any lapse of attention can cost you valuable time in the end!

Look at the image below and select the lists out of order

Image: Oil/Reproduction

time! Did you manage to find them?

If you manage to find the two hidden scrolls, then be happy, because your visual skills are really great and your concentration is enviable. In addition, his concentration is impeccable, after all, not everyone is able to meet this challenge on time.

But if you don’t succeed, that’s okay. It is possible to try again. This time, use strategies such as moving your eye line by line and looking at the directions of the rollers in the picture. If you haven’t completed the challenge yet, read on and see the image below, where we’ve highlighted the solution for you.

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Challenge answer

Try to find the wrong roll in this visual challenge.
Image: Oil/Reproduction