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Million Dollar Action Movie with Milla Jovovich takes the top spot among the most watched movies on Netflix

Million Dollar Action Movie with Milla Jovovich takes the top spot among the most watched movies on Netflix

Mila Govovich It has already become synonymous with crazy action movies. “After a tournament”Return to the Blue Lagoon“It has topped all six films in the franchise.”vampire‘, In addition to ‘Joanna Dark‘ that it ‘The three musketeers– All action and adventure films that contain a lot of fight scenes. That’s why no one was surprised to see her in the lead role.Monster hunter“, which is the film that was shown today on Netflix and ranked first among the most watched titles.

artemis (Mila Govovich) and his group of soldiers patrol the desert in search of the Bravo Team 1 that has disappeared. When they reach the site of last contact, the group slips into a kind of sandstorm with lightning, transporting them to another reality. Not knowing where they are, the soldiers resume their patrol, and then discover that the place they are is not only planet Earth, but there are also huge monsters that are extremely aggressive and endanger their lives. These soldiers’ mission now is to survive, whatever the cost.

Watch the trailer and our interview with Milla Jovovich:

as you see,’Monster hunterDoesn’t have much of a story. And the Sony Pictures movie doesn’t even have to be based on the hit game he created Kaname Fujioka. And if there’s no story, we make up for it with lots of special effects – and the film has that in large quantities. It was the art direction, special effects, and visual effects departments that got the most work, of course, because aside from the sand and actors in the scene, everything else is computer graphics.

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Perfection in detail, sound quality and the amazing ability to create monsters in a believable way, much like the dragons in ‘game of thrones‘.

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The person who really shines in all of this is him Mila GovovichWho breaks everything on stage and hits hard and is not afraid to get hurt. It’s indestructible, it’s goneRambo“In Slippers. All action scenes starring Mila and proving that all the years of training she has dedicated to improving her fighting skills have paid off. With Hunter (Tony Ja), battles turn into a beautiful synchronized dance on the big screen, saved by actors all over the world Jackie Chan. The movie also features Ron Perelman Like a captain in good style.”Pirates of the CaribbeanAnd the Brazilian Nanda CostaWhich appears in three scenes and has two lines. Although she is shy on stage, it is nice to see an actress of her caliber reach new heights.

Written and directed Paul W. S. Anderson, the film does not have much purpose and ends in an open manner, opening the way for the beginning of a new series. But fans of the game will find everything they expect: a lot of action, huge monsters that want to destroy everything, cliches typical of American films and a lot of fighting. ‘Monster hunter“It’s a fun movie.