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5 easter eggs found in “Shrek 2” that almost went unnoticed

5 easter eggs found in “Shrek 2” that almost went unnoticed

Check out some of the Easter eggs found in ‘Shrek 2’ that might have gone unnoticed

Since his first movie,a partnerIt contains an endless list of Easter eggs, referencing not only the most famous fairy tales in the world, but also many other things that are part of global pop culture.

It ends up with so many references that some end up unnoticed by the audience. With that in mind, Recreio has pulled apart 5 easter eggs found in “Shrek 2” that you might not have noticed. paying off!

1. The Kiss of Spider-Man

Credit: Playback / DreamWorks / Sony Pictures

When we watch it, we might think this moment is just another cute scene between Shrek and Fiona, but in fact, it’s a direct reference to the classic upside-down kiss between Peter Parker, and… Spider Manand his sweetheart, Mary Jane.

2. Sir Justin Timberlake?

Credit: Playback/Dreamworks and Stephen Henry/Getty Images

In the scene where Fiona’s roommate analyzes the castle, we can notice a poster of a boy that reads “Sir Justin”. It turns out that the Justin in question is nothing more than the singer Justin TimberlakeEx-member of the boy band NSYNC.

3. Mission Impossible

Credit: Play/Dreamworks

While trying to rescue Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots from the dungeon, the three little pigs lower Pinocchio into his place by hanging him from the puppet strings. The moment was inspired by a classic scene from the movie “Mission: Impossible.”

4. King Charles III

Credit: Play/Dreamworks

During the Fairy Godmother’s musical number, when she reintroduces herself to Fiona, we can see an image of the current King Charles III She appears in a mirror once the verse “A thousand princes run after them” is sung, deducing that, with her magic wand, she can make even the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom fall in love with the princess.

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5. The Lord of the Rings

Credit: Play/Dreamworks

In the movie, when Shrek and Fiona’s wedding ring is presented, we can see that the ring has the words “I love you,” written in a font very similar to the one used in the ring in “Lord of the Rings.”