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Look at 4 simple activities that can improve your mental health

Look at 4 simple activities that can improve your mental health

In the modern world, health is one of the most discussed topics, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. In this sense, taking care of the mind is just as necessary as taking care of the body, because one needs the other to live in perfect health.

With each passing day, we are exposed to more and more different situations, whether financial, social or even at work, that can stress us out. Psychological health.

In this light, Gabriel Novaes de Resende Pastitilla, MD, neurologist, neuro-oncologist and member of the Latin American Neuro-Oncology Society, embodies:

“We are constantly bombarded with, for example, positive and negative information, updates, and demands, which can generate an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and burnout syndrome.”

However, many people believe that in order to improve mental health it is necessary to take great measures which are not practical at all to be implemented in our daily lives.

Because of this, we end up doing just about anything to benefit our health. However, some simple and even enjoyable activities can improve your mental health.

With this in mind, the Multiverse News Bring four activities listed by a neurologist to improve their mental health. Check it out below!

4 simple activities that can improve your mental health

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1. Exercise

As mentioned earlier, the body and mind work together, thus, doing physical exercises can help you improve your mental health.

According to the neurologist:

“Regular exercise can help reduce stress, keep weight off during the period when high-calorie foods and alcohol are most likely to be consumed, and help you sleep.”

2. Connect with nature

Connecting with nature can bring countless benefits to our health and well-being, as it causes positive stimuli in this area of ​​our body.

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3. Do nothing

That’s right, doing nothing is the best activity you can “do” to improve your mental health.

“It can be very helpful to take some time for yourself. It is also important here to encourage meditation activity, as well as mindfulness, which is so popular today,” says the doctor.

4. Listen to music

Finally, listening to music is an activity that is affordable for most people and can greatly improve mental health.

“This is a habit that has proven benefits for the brain, but it obviously depends on the musical style chosen and how it is used. Music can activate several areas of the brain at the same time, which helps with learning and concentration.

But it can also harm learning if songs with lyrics catch the patient’s attention. It ends up being something personal, and everyone will find their own playlist dedicated to this moment.”refers to Battistella.