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Edição deste ano da SBPC recebeu os candidatos Lula (foto) e Ciro Gomes -  (crédito:  Marcelo Ferreira/CB/D.A Press)

The 74th edition of the SBPC shows that those who fight for the flag in Brazil are resisting

Posted on 07/31/2022 07:00

This year’s edition of the SBPC welcomed nominees Lula (photo) and Ciro Gomes – (Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

The 74th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) concluded on Saturday (30/7). The meeting that was the subject Flag, independence and national sovereignty in the year Brazil completed 200 years of history as an independent countrythat science and knowledge, in general, are still alive and still active to advance the interest of society always.

This year’s edition of SBPC was implemented in a hybrid fashion with virtual face-to-face activities – including video poster sessions, mini-courses, conferences, round tables, committees and webcasts of face-to-face activities. The program was distributed across the four campuses of UnB – which completed sixty years of history in April.

For the association’s president, Renato Janin Ribeiro, who is also a professor at the University of São Paulo’s School of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (USP), the feeling of being in a place with other thinkers and scholars has been very interesting to the Brazilian flag. In Janine’s view, this is a sign that the Academy remains resolute in its mission to promote a country with more knowledge.

“It feels very good (to be here), and the perception is that the community remains active, believes in Brazil’s potential, and is ready to fight for Brazil to return to a level of construction and not destruction,” the president said. Mail.

Since 1949, the annual meeting of the SBPC has usually been held during a week at a university in the country. The last time UnB was elected to host this event was in 2000. The meeting held numerous round tables, conferences and panel discussions both in person and virtual. Highly current topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, electronic voting machines, the environment and misinformation were discussed and presented.

“The SBPC meeting is a wonderful mapping of Brazilian society in terms of knowledge, because we know what to do, what we don’t know and we have to learn. So, that’s the importance of every moment you have a campaign against science, a campaign against human rights, a campaign against democracy and expansion Hunger ”, analyzed Renato Janin.

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sense of accomplishment

For SBPC Vice President Fernanda Sobral, the event version was key. I analyzed the meeting as positive and appropriate, both for the students and the general public who attended and for the promotion of Brazilian democracy. According to Sobral, a sense of accomplishment.

“At various times I have seen and participated in SBPC discussions. 60 years of University of Brasilia, her struggles, all discussions were necessary and showed how important democracy is in the life of universities. The independence of universities is also highly discussed. My evaluation is very good The SBPC investigation is very positive. We are ending the event With a sense of long-standing duty, this face-to-face meeting and discussion of these topics was important.”

To combat the neglect of universities and promote investment in research, a group of experts invited by the SBPC has prepared a document entitled “Proposals for a New Brazil”, which was sent to all candidates who will run for the presidency in October and which collects ideas for science to benefit in the country.

“We are seeking the outcome of a series of related topics for the next government that will take over Brazil. The three presidential candidates most quoted in vote intent polls have received this publication and we will also distribute it to others. It was important that Lula and Ciro attended. Bolsonaro stated that he did not turn up on schedule. So they received these proposals about the university, public security, health and education and they will also be delivered to the legislative candidates. Sobral explained that the candidates who agree to these proposals will write to us.

“In this document, we have formally put on paper the initiatives that the state should take to resume its scientific development and make science a pillar of economic development. Because today more and more science is the engine of the economy. This is in all countries of our planet,” he said, MailPaulo Artaxo, researcher and professor at the Department of Applied Physics at the University of São Paulo (USP).

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Helena Bonciani Nader, President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), stressed the dimension and importance of the event.

“I was the Vice President of SBPC, and I see that it was a very important meeting, and this people engagement was very important to all of us, mainly because we are having it in person and online, and 60 years in UnB was also very important. Mainly because of what we live in The current moment in democracy in Brazil, the questions we face. It was important to have a discussion between the candidates, the three most mentioned in polls about voting intentions. Bolsonaro did not come, but this is a fundamental exercise in democracy.”

Electronic voting machines

The vice president of the association highlighted the importance of country-related topics presented and discussed, such as the care of indigenous peoples, the preservation of the Amazon, climate change, the challenges and setbacks of democracy, food insecurity, and scientific and technological action. round table History of electronic voting machines in Brazil, coordinated by the former Minister of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Carlos Veloso Filho. Celio Castro Wermlinger (TSE), Avellino Francisco Zorzo (PUCRS) and Fernando Soares (SindCT) participated.

“We show the history and technology of polls and their security. Sobral said a statement was delivered from the SBPC to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal regarding the approval of ballot boxes and the legality of the elections.

“Brazilian science leadership has emerged. Those people who doubt electronic voting machines are anti-science, just like people who think the Earth is flat. Anyone who wants to enter the TSE can see all the steps of the electronic voting machine, they are auditable. The session culminated in a broad discussion The participation of former TSE Minister Carlos Veloso in Brasilia will remain a milestone in this democratic stage Helena Nader added, “We are struggling to conquer democracy and we will not abandon it.”

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Reducing science, technology and investment

One of the recurring issues at the SBPC was the series of budget cuts in education, scientific research, and funds for public universities. during painting The work of science and public universities in defense of life during the Covid-19 pandemicProfessor Soraya Sobhi Smiley, from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), has shown that public universities have been losing money consecutively from the union since 2014.

Currently, the script is one of the more cuts for the Academy. According to the approved text of the Annual Budget Act of 2022, the entire National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE) received only R$12 million in funds from the federal government. We must express all our forces to confront these problems that plague the country. Our universities are able to face all these adversities. Just to see how you beat this pandemic,” the teacher revealed.

“In short, the SBPC meeting is a wonderful mapping of Brazilian society in terms of knowledge, because we know what to do, what we don’t know and we have to learn. So that’s the importance every time you have a campaign against science, a campaign against human rights, a campaign against democracy. , the hunger is expanding. Therefore, at all times when all the things that Brazil has built are destroyed, it seems on purpose, it is very important to show the importance of all the construction so that we can rebuild this better, next time”, concludes the SBPC chief.

* Trainees under the supervision of Ronier Nunes