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"Laughter kills" TV news

“Laughter kills” TV news

Thaddeus (José Loreto) took a reflection of Jose Lucas (Erandir Santos) after giving a presentation on homophobia in wet land. The pawn tried to justify its discrimination against him zaquieu (Silviro Pereira) – Very upset who decided to leave – He heard a sermon from the older brother. Bakr said, “Laughter kills.” Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera), in a position celebrated by the audience of the Opera Globo at nine in the morning.

“Do you not think it is strange for a man to love another man?” , asked son Asylum (Dera Pais). “Unlike you, Tadao, I grew up in a crisis and had to deal with all kinds of people. Do you know what I’ve learned? We are what we are. Everyone has their own tastes. Nobody is better or worse,” Zi Lucas replied.

“I’m just laughing in his strange way‘ said Jose Loreto’s character. But this kills, Tadeu! His relative said: This little joke kills my brother..Do you think that my laughter kills? You have no idea How many families are dying for this. I know your intention was not to do any harm. But even unintentionally, we attack. “Even unintentionally, we kill,” Lucas concluded.

Viewers of the plot on social media celebrated the speech. “This text in Irandir’s mouth touches even deeper,” Deborah said. “Homophobia kills,” Marko noted. “All the suffering that little Tadeo goes through,” Fran quipped.

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