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Hugh Grant and Nish Kumar are among the celebrities responding to Sunak and Jawed's resignations from the British Cabinet

Hugh Grant and Nish Kumar are among the celebrities responding to Sunak and Jawed’s resignations from the British Cabinet

Celebrities celebrated on social media following the resignations of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, which took place within minutes of each other on the night of Tuesday, July 5.

Sunak has resigned as chancellor and Javid has resigned as health minister, while Boris Johnson’s leadership faces a new crisis.

The resignations came after Johnson was forced to issue an embarrassing apology for handling Chris Pincher’s dispute, after it emerged he had forgotten he had been made aware of previous allegations of “inappropriate” behaviour.

Pincher resigned as deputy chief of staff last week after allegations that he groped two men at a private club, but Johnson has been made aware of the allegations against him since 2019.

In response to the news of the layoffs on Twitter, Hugh Grant retweeted a post by Count Benvis, a satirical political figure created by comedian Jonathan Harvey, who ran in the 2019 general election against Johnson. The post was a photo of Johnson and Benfice, with the caption: “The UK chose poorly.”

Comedian Nish Kumar tweeted: “Dealing with the fact that I can’t stand Javed or Sunak with the fact that I love watching a rich white man get shot at by Asians.”

“Wonderful! Foreign Minister Rishi Sunak has also resigned. Dominoes in the Cabinet are falling… It’s over for Boris,” wrote Piers Morgan.


Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar wrote, “Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak pulled out! Everything crossed the line! What was in your Paranthas? [comida típica india] This morning? Looks like the big dog or dead dog or whatever didn’t go according to plan. Unless this is the plan?

“The Queen has resigned,” comedian David Baddel joked. “God surrendered.”

author This will hurtAdam Kay tweeted: “It’s a house collapsing like a sloppy house.”

Actor Mark Gates added: “These hateful idiots suddenly decided they had principles after tirelessly defending a man they knew all along was unfit for the job.”

There are other tweets from celebrities such as Kathy Burke, Rylan and Amri Douglas:

The prime minister’s power has already been undermined by a vote of no confidence, with 41% of his deputies voting against him.

Johnson is now immune to a challenge to the Conservative Party leadership until June next year under the party’s rules, but recent layoffs have prompted him to leave Downing Street.

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