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Ana Maria Braga breaks through the internet by posting a video of herself performing the famous TikTokker dance; The presenter returns to present Mais Você after being diagnosed with covid-19


Ana Maria Braga has not yet returned to present Mais Você, which should take place tomorrow (27); The video presenter recorded a celebration

Ana Maria Braga performs the Tik Toker Xorasco dance and it goes viral on the Internet

Anna Maria Braga It has become one of the most commented topics on social media, this Sunday (26), after posting on its Instagram account a video clip in which it appears next to its grandson, Pinto, and some of his cousins ​​performing a dance that has become good. Known on TikTok.

in the recording, 73-year-old presenter He choreographed the song Lovezinho, written by Treyce, made famous in the app by influencer Xurrasco. “A sequence of love, with my grandson Pinto and my cousins, to tell you I’ll be back tomorrow [no ‘Mais Você] Full of energy, nostalgia, and covid-19 negativity.”

Ana Maria Braga – Photo: Globo

The presenter had to leave her morning show on Globo last Tuesday (27), After being diagnosed with the disease for the third time since the beginning of the epidemic. Since then, the program has been played with benches.

but, Symptoms appeared weaker this timeThanks to the vaccine. I have Covid light. I feel it is weaker because I have been vaccinated,” said Ana Maria Braga when announcing her departure from Mais Você.

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