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Royal spending, especially Kate and William, stirs controversy in the UK - Metro World News Brasil

Royal spending, especially Kate and William, stirs controversy in the UK – Metro World News Brasil

Each year, the British royal family releases its Financial Report, a document known as the Sovereign Grant Report, which shows total taxpayer-funded expenditures, with information on travel costs incurred by members of the royal family for the year ending March 31.

The British crown last year cost UK taxpayers more than $124 million. Expenses include travel costs, salaries, staff, property and utilities maintenance, cleaning, and more.

Kate and William’s Journey

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s controversial trip to three Central American countries. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica, countries where English colonization was held and whose exploitative and exploitative heritage of the former British Empire is still called into question to this day.

According to the report from Buckingham Palace, the flight cost the British treasury $ 273,000 on charter flights alone. In addition to the cost of the trip, many commentators in the British media have found it problematic due to the royal family’s historical association with slavery, colonialism and racism. The Cambridge family has since lamented this heartbreaking story.

“It was definitely more challenging than expected in light of the protests,” a source told Us Weekly. “Obviously they know the story, but being present during the protests was a big surprise,” the source revealed.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have faced protests over their visits to Belize and Jamaica. In the latter country, a group of anti-monarchy protesters gathered in the Jamaican capital, Kingston, to demand an official apology from Britain.

The relationship between Great Britain and Jamaica goes back centuries. The island was occupied by the British in 1655 and remained under their rule until they gained independence in 1962, but it remained a Commonwealth kingdom with the Queen as head of state. Most Jamaicans are of African descent and descended from slaves who were trafficked into the country by European settlers.

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Harry and Meghan are not included in the report

Meghan and Harry are not included in the report, which leads us to conclude that they achieved financial independence from the crown they had planned for in early 2020, by resigning from their positions in the British royal family.

The only references to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the full 129-page report refer to the British base at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, for which they pay a private rent.

They also reimbursed taxpayers for home renovations totaling £2.4 million ($2.9 million at today’s exchange rate) as of September 2020.

A source close to the royal family has told Express UK that the Sussex family should be congratulated on achieving their goal of making millions from their own money.

We know these gains come from a number of projects, including a deal with Netflix, one with Spotify, Prince Harry’s memoirs with Penguin Random House, and his role as director of influence at Startup BetterUp.