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International Space Station astronaut photographing bubble-shaped lightning in the atmosphere

While the International Space Station is not downphenomena Curious things NS Even the movies It is still captured by resident astronauts or visitors to NASA’s so-called International Space Station. In a new photo taken by someone, lightning is seen over Europe. But unlike most lightning, such an electric discharge appeared as a large blue bubble over the continent.

A ‘transient light event’, as upper-atmospheric lightning is known, was detected at a time interval by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. This type of lightning looks different from the flashes that occur in storm clouds and tends to be much larger. Check the picture:

There are sprites, which are vertical flashes of red or blue-green light; jets, which tend to be blue in color and are found in the stratosphere; and sprites, which are high-altitude electromagnetic pulses. There are also trolls, which look like planes, and other luminous forms of lightning that occur above the clouds.

The colors of various phenomena are formed from the atmosphere; On Earth, nitrogen makes the sprites look red, but on Jupiter, the hydrogen-rich atmosphere will make the sprites look blue.

These lightning shapes are unusually brief, so the Pesquet image was taken from a longer time shot of the night sky. According to the astronaut, the International Space Station is well positioned to photograph such phenomena, as it flies above the equator, where more thunderstorms occur. The event that captured him came from somewhere in southeastern Italy.

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