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A number of Brazilian Netflix subscribers have been exposed after an authentication error

A number of Brazilian Netflix subscribers have been exposed after an authentication error

An error by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) eventually led to the release of a document containing the number of clients of the streaming giant, the popular Netflix, in Brazil. The platform has a base of 19 million subscribers in the country.

The documentation, which is treated as a “black box”, must be private. However, during a demonstration of the Neo TV association, representative of small pay-TV operators in Brazil, Cade released the document to the public.

This isn’t the first controversy that Netflix has been involved in lately. The newly released Round 6 series – which It reached 165 million people in just 11 days of debut – He caused problems by showing a real phone number in one of the scenes, forcing the platform to. Payout and rewrite.

During the demonstration, Kidd received a document from Neo TV criticizing the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery. The association has criticized the argument that the Netflix platform will be a competitor to pay TV. According to Neo TV, the argument is incorrect in the state:

It is true that streaming platforms have conquered many customers in recent years, but it is also clear that a relevant portion of consumers consider OTT services as complementary to pay TV – for example, Netflix has already managed to gain 19 million subscribers on Brazil alone.

When a company communicates with Cade, it must submit two documents: one to the public and one with restricted access. It turns out that Netflix subscriber number information is in the private version of the text and should not be included in the public version.

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Data on the number of customers refers to the January period of this year, and it is possible that Netflix has already reached 20 million subscribers. According to the platform itself, it is a matter of strategy not to disclose the exact number of subscribers. In 2019, the streaming service announced that it had a total of 167 million customers worldwide.