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Instagram announces a feature to celebrate birthdays in a special way

Instagram announces a feature to celebrate birthdays in a special way

Meta is preparing new special features that promise to please Instagram. As announced at a company event for journalists and content creators, the platform will have the function of celebrating birthdays on the social network.

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The novelty doesn't have a release date yet, but Mark Zuckerberg's company has reported that there will be a special celebration effect that can be added to a user's profile photo. With it, all your followers will know that this is your day.

The event held on January 30 was a great moment of conversation between the tech giant, digital influencers and important names from the brand. The anniversary feature was announced by Felipe Kozlowski, Creator Partnerships Officer at Goal in Brazil.

The executive did not provide details about the functionality, but said the impact would reach Brazilians “soon.” The company also expected that it would appear whenever the user's special day approached, giving the account holder the option of activating or closing the game.

It is not yet known whether a person will be able to schedule a celebratory event in the real world, but everything points to the contrary. The feature is expected to be similar to what's on X (formerly Twitter), where anyone who visits the profile of the birthday person on the date will see several balloons rising up on the screen.

New features

During the Instagram University: Summer Campus 2024 event, Meta also highlighted other Instagram functions that have already arrived in Brazil. The first is “Read Confirmation Control” which allows you to enable or deactivate read confirmation for Direct Messages (DMs).

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This function was announced last year, and quickly reached Brazilians after its official launch.

One feature that's not yet here is “Cutouts,” an option that allows the user to turn any photo in their gallery into a collage.