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Jojo Liberato’s daughter moves to Miami to live with boyfriend: ‘Our new home’

Jojo Liberato’s daughter moves to Miami to live with boyfriend: ‘Our new home’


Sofia Liberato, one of Gogo’s twin daughters, showed the step-by-step process of moving to the city in the United States and was happy with the new stage

Sofia Liberato with her boyfriend and her mother – Photo: Instagram @sofi_liberato

Sophia LiberatoAnd One of the twin daughters Jojo LiberatoShe showed on social media that she had moved permanently to Miami, in the United States, to live with her boyfriend, Gabriel Gravino. On her Instagram, the influencer detailed the trip she took to settle in the North American city.

In the pictures, Gugu Liberato’s daughter was very happy with the achievement. “our new home”And Sophia wrote in the caption of the post, who received several comments from her followers, wishing them success in their new stage.

Jojo Liberato – Photo: RecordTV

Rose Miriam, Sophia’s mother, went to her daughter’s house for breakfast and helped with the decoration. The two are embroiled in a legal battle against Gogo’s eldest son, Joao Augustoto try to get Rose to be recognized in court as the companion of the Lieutenant Colonel who died in 2019.

Sofia and Marina Liberato, twin daughters of Gogo Liberato, commented in an interview about living with their brother, Joao Augusto, during their childhood and adolescence. In a chat published by Mônica Bergamo’s column in the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, they said they had received derogatory comments from João Augusto in the past because of being overweight. “He’s a brother, right? He made fun of us for being skinny.”They said in the chat.

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