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After offers to help RS, Sandy will take a break from her career: “I want to say goodbye”

After offers to help RS, Sandy will take a break from her career: “I want to say goodbye”

All funds raised at the two shows will be donated to help with the tragedy in the south of the country

May 8
– 08:47

(Updated at 9:36 a.m.)

Sandy, singer

Sandy, singer

Photo: @Instagram

Sandy It announced two offers to assist the state of Rio Grande do Sul in a state of general disaster due to rain and floods. The performances will take place on June 15 and 16 at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo. Tickets will go on sale next Friday, the 10th, after which she intends to take a break from her career for an indefinite period of time.

“I am coming here to join the thousands of hearts that are so saddened by all this devastation in Rio Grande do Sul. I have already helped many times, already made some donations, and also participated in many ways to help, but I felt that I could do more and that I needed to Put in more effort and I was about to announce the dates of two concerts, because I wanted to announce that I would be taking a break from the stage, but I wanted to say goodbye to my audience better, and I wanted to be close, and I wanted to do more and give my audience a big hug and I decided to give. This moment has new meaning, so I will donate everything I have and the income we earn from ticket sales for both shows to this cause,” he said. Sandy.

The singer explained that she has not yet determined how to donate, purchase products, or transfer money. She is still studying to determine the best path. He added: “Together we are stronger.”

Learn how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do SulLearn how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Information about the career interruption surprised Sandy’s fans. She reassured the audience on Instagram, saying that she needed a moment to herself and that she had been thinking about it for some time. “Calm down, I won’t disappear completely! It was supposed to just be a kind of ‘farewell show’ with my old fans. But my heart told me to give a new meaning to this moment.”

In the comments, followers expressed their support for the singer, but expressed their regret for the interruption. “I like the right person. Thank you Sandy. Sorry for stopping, but we forgive you,” one person commented. “My heart trembled here with this sentence: Farewell to my audience, and away from the stage.” Another said: “This creates terrible incentives for us, who have been following your story for years.” Another said: “The word stop hurt me.”

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