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Chinese CEO says she’s not responsible for employees’ well-being: ‘I’m not your mother’

Chinese CEO says she’s not responsible for employees’ well-being: ‘I’m not your mother’

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Executive Zhou Jing He left his position as Vice President and Head of Communications at BaiduIt is a Chinese technology company similar to the Google search engine Googleafter he praised the company’s toxic work culture in four videos shared on a Chinese social network. “I’m not your mother”said the CEO when she explained that she was not responsible for the well-being of employees.

In the first video, she also criticized employees who refused to go on long business trips, saying she had “no obligation to know if employees cry” and had no obligation “to look at the employees’ families because I’m not their mother.” “If you are not satisfied with your work, you can quit. I will approve it immediately,” he said.

In another clip, she mentioned that she actually forgot her eldest son’s birthday and the class her younger son was studying in because of her dedication to work, because she “chose to become a working woman.”

“If you work in PR, don’t expect a weekend. Keep your phone on 24 hours a day, always ready to respond.”

The comments were not well received, and Chu He even apologized for the controversy. “I have carefully read all the opinions and comments on various platforms, and many of the criticisms are very relevant. I think about them deeply and accept them with humility,” Zhou wrote in a post on WeChat.

according to CNN International And the Economic reviewThe apology was not enough, and Chu resigned as vice president and head of communications at Baidu.

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