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Income tax: Revenue warns of fraud

Income tax: Revenue warns of fraud

During the personal income tax return filing period, it is important for taxpayers to remain vigilant. Taking advantage of this moment, criminals are carrying out scams through fake applications.

The government's Center for Cyber ​​Incident Prevention, Remediation and Response (CTIR Gov) issued an alert after identifying fraudulent activities. Fraudsters convince taxpayers to download and install fake return apps available on mobile stores such as Google Play Store and App Store.

According to the IRS, these apps look very similar to the original apps, and even clone the logo. By using the fake version, users end up putting their data, such as full name, document numbers and financial information, at risk of being stolen.

Income tax

To avoid falling into these scams, the Federal Revenue Service recommends citizens to download the application available on the official income tax website exclusively. Those wishing to complete the declaration via mobile devices must download the official application available at the links provided for Android and iOS.

The IRS also confirms that it does not send information via email or text message, requesting correction of the return, as this has become a common practice among fraudsters.

The deadline to file your 2024 income tax return is 11:59:59 p.m. on May 31. To date, the Federal Revenue Service expects to receive 43 million permits. As of 3:46pm on Wednesday (10), 12,904,537 taxpayers had already submitted the document, representing 30% of this year's expected total.

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The Federal Revenue Authority is a government body responsible for the administration and supervision of federal taxes in Brazil. It is engaged in the collection, control, examination and collection of taxes, contributions and fees within the scope of the Union's competence, such as income tax, tax on industrial products (IPI), tax on financial operations (IOF) and the Social Integration Program (PIS), among others.

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In addition, the Federal Revenue Service is also responsible for customs supervision, i.e. monitoring imports and exports, and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations related to foreign trade.

Its role is fundamental to the country's fiscal performance, as federal tax collection is one of the main sources of the federal government's resources, as it is used to finance public policies and investments in infrastructure, health, education, and security, among others. Sectors.

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