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Confirmed: WhatsApp announces changes to the application on Thursday (11)

Confirmed: WhatsApp announces changes to the application on Thursday (11)

Hey WhatsAppa widely used instant messaging application, is about to undergo Important transformations Since today, April 11, 2024. These changes were announced by Goalthe company responsible for WhatsApp, aims to meet the requirements of European Union They reflect the needs of an increasingly interconnected digital world.

One of the most important changes is Compatibility WhatsApp with other applications such as Facebook Messenger And the Instagram live. This will allow users to send messages between these platforms, facilitating communication between different Facebook users. However, specific details on how this integration will work technically and practically may vary and will be announced officially.

Another important change concerns Limit age For WhatsApp users. Until 2022, the minimum age to create an account is 13 years. Users are advised to check Terms of Service And the privacy policy From WhatsApp to get updated information about possible changes in this aspect after updates.

It is also worth highlighting History of WhatsApp in Brazil. It was launched globally in January 2009WhatsApp has gradually gained popularity in the country, especially among 2012 and 2013. This was the motivation behind its adoption Ease of use, Relatively low cost (Because it uses internet data) and Availability on multiple mobile platforms. Since then it has become Essential communication tool For many Brazilians.

Despite the changes that take effect on Thursday, the company is ensuring that messages and personal calls remain as always Point-to-point encrypted“No one, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to it.”