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Football may have helped bring Prince William and Prince Harry together

I don’t have childhood photos

Gustavo da Hungary Neves, better known as the 31-year-old Hungarian hip-hop rapper, was the winner of the Brazilian Film Festival LAMV 2022, which takes place in Los Angeles, in the United States, with the music video for the song Céu Aberto, in partnership with Marcelo Falcão, in Films USA category. From humble origins, the musician befriended the former O Rappa singer after playing together on a tour that took place shortly before the pandemic hit.

There, between the cities of Brazil and Hungary, singer Minha Alma created a friendship. The two rappers from Brasília, in the Federal District, visited each other’s dressing room backstage at shows, and showed Falcao the song Céu Aberto. He recalled in a Zoom interview with Estadao🇧🇷

Their friendship grew so much that one day Falcao called to tell Hungary that he was going to have dinner at his house. Rapper Degen, 31, took the opportunity to make the revelation. “When he sat down at the table, I said to him: ‘Look, you are here at home, you are a promise from God, because he told me that the people I love most will sit at this table, and you are one’. It was incredible, we sang, cried and talked until six in the morning.” , He said.

Rappa and Racionais MC, with whom Hungary sang in a show on September 6 this year, in São Paulo, shared its growth and history. Always very present in his life, music has served the rapper as a means of escape from adversity.

Hungary’s lyrics usually deal with sensitive topics from the story itself. In Temporal, for example, he sings: “Kind of fragile looking / We’ve been from the cover, at six in the morning / And my mother was out of work / With a busy schedule of raising the three of us”. The blasts, which act as a kind of therapy, translate to more than three million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

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Progress is a slap in the face

As he sings in Universo Paralelo, “Progress is a slap in the face”, Hungary faced adversity in childhood and adolescence to reach stardom. He lived in hard-to-reach places, which were flooded after rains. “I don’t have any pictures of the children because I lost them all in the flood – and my mother fears the rain to this day,” he said, who used to move a lot.

His mother, Raquel da Hungary Neves, with whom the artist has a relationship of deep love and tenderness, worked with everything necessary to feed the family. She used to be a maid and even ran a little shop which at night became the room where she slept with her children. “There was no shortage of food in the house, but, in fact, there was a shortage of people willing to stop and not stop eating,” Hungary said.

The artist keeps Raquel’s memory strong by collecting coins at 4 am to buy two loaves of bread for the kids to eat at school. He says the experience shaped his personality. “You know what? It wasn’t bad at all, because I learned a lot and created my character. Today, I see that what really matters is my mother and my family.”

The success of Hungary became Rachel’s reward for her difficulties. Of the gifts he gave his mother after the musical success, the musician said: “We are flesh and nails – she sleeps in my bed until today. She already got her butt and now she wants a nose job (laughs).”

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‘There is always an open sky inside me’

For fans who come from the same socio-economic background as Hungary, he said he wanted to set an example. “What I really want and love is for kids to look at me and think: ‘Damn, that’s possible.’ I am so happy, so grateful and so proud of everything that I have lived and lived.”

Returning to this article’s link, Hungary’s will has been translated into Céu Aberto’s song. He and Falcao sing about faith and honesty: “Imagine the atmosphere and friends on the side / Always running right / Sometimes the day is cloudy / But in me there’s always an open sky”.

The former lead singer of O Rappa even opens the track’s cut with a message of encouragement and hope. “Many will tell you that it is not possible; that in this place, no one has a turn; that dream is just a waste of time. But for those who have faith, life never ends.”

The clip, which features the participation and testimonials of Neymar and Wenderson Nunes, was planned by Falcao.