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I was trying on Halloween

Zilu Camargo put a few fleas behind his followers’ ears after posting on social networks that he appeared in a black wig.

In the comments section of the video, netizens began to compare her with Graciele Lacerda, which is currently owned by Zezé Di Camargo. Some pointed out the similarity between the tufts and denounced the joke of the former singer and her hairdresser.

– Friend, I think it did not work … the professional comments.

– Why?

– You look like someone.

Netizens made their opinions very clear and didn’t like the supposed joke at all:

Someone commented that he is too mature for such ridiculous situations.

Someone else pointed out that I like Zilu a lot, but this kind of comparison is always a little sloppy.

It’s a sign that she hasn’t forgotten about him.

But calm down, it looks like it’s not quite the case! In her stories, Zilu comments that the production is actually a preparation for the costume she’ll wear to the Halloween party. In a box of questions, a fan defended the influencer’s stance, but ended up receiving an explanatory text:

Guys, I think it’s amazing how people take something that only exists in their heads for granted! Here in the US, Halloween is like Carnival in Brazil! And I made the rollers today because I was trying on a Morticia Adams wig!

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