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"Hey Bolsonaro, take it in c*"

“Hey Bolsonaro, take it in c*”

After Yvette Sangalo, Now it’s Pokah’s turn to protest Jair Bolsonaro (PL). At a concert during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, she danced and cursed the president to the tune of “Hey Bolsonaro, go take ac*”. After that, she herself began to sing the words into the microphone, ending with the phrase “Oh, that’s delicious!”

Pokah curses President Bolsonaro and supports Lula Ernna Cost / Divulgação

Photo: Cost / Disclosure IRNA

The singer-songwriter also insisted on supporting Lula, the presidential candidate in the October elections. “You know we are entering a year now, in 2022, in which we can advocate for peace, and we can plead for health…,” Pokah said.

It is worth noting that during her participation in “Big Brother Brasil 21”, on TV Globo, Pokah even asked to dismiss Bolsonaro during a conversation with other participants of the reality show.

In recent weeks, in addition to Ivete Sangalo, Gusttavo Lima gave a show that was invaded by protests against Bolsonaro. While he was attending the “Caceros Toast in Barra da Tijuca”, the audience began to demonstrate against the president. Then he asked the song to continue playing.

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