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Anitta goes to Aspen with GKay after New Year's Eve with Miley Cyrus

Anitta goes to Aspen with GKay after New Year’s Eve with Miley Cyrus

Anita Taking a few days off in Aspen, Colorado, with friends. On her social media profile, the singer recorded moments alongside her GKay, influencers Lucas Guedez and Rafael Uccman. The group has rented a house on site and will enjoy skiing and snowboarding activities.

GKay also recorded moments with friends on his profile. In one story, she appears lying in bed with Anita, who was preparing for a leg treatment at the time. The actress and comedian said in a video.

Anitta and GKay on one of the records in Aspen | Photo: clone / Instagram

GKay also talked about how difficult it is to keep up with Anitta’s frenetic pace on the road. “You will send us to class, to do everything, tomorrow. Do you know what will happen? You will fight for skating and who will leave? Dolls. Because, I love, I can’t even ride sleds, let alone skate,” she said, in a good mood, adding that the singer organizes The whole tour.

“She’s a tour guide, she organizes the tours, the food is in the house. Today she has a chef. She does everything. She will sing, do post, do the party, do anything., the car,” GKay said of Anitta.

Not the end of last week, Anitta was one of the illustrious presences on Miley’s New Year’s Eve, sort of an upcoming NBC show., in the United States, where this year Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson co-hosts.

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