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Encrenca persistence is just another problem in Rede TV's life!  - Prism glass

Encrenca persistence is just another problem in Rede TV’s life! – Prism glass

Nothing makes more sense and naturalness: Encrenca ended as a show in September, when Tatula Judas, Deniz Motta, Ricardinho Mendonca and Angelo Campos decided to take a different path in life and signed with the band.

TV network! He just “forgot” to take it off the air. Competent in making the wrong decisions, its management chose to stay with trouble and much more, believing that overnight something else could be invented and that the public would accept it without additional restrictions.

The consequences are there. They are the worst possible.

What came out and is still high is an engraved draft of the original. Even worse: “Encrenca” and “Perrengue na Band” are shown in the same time period, which gives the viewer the opportunity to assess the differences between them. Make the comparison.

Ibope’s numbers with nearly 500% difference seem to leave no doubt.

Making a TV is not that difficult. What gets in the way, most of the time, is arrogance, clumsiness, and common sense.

you have more

What was there, in fact, was the following: a genius person from Rede TV! , when the people left from the real “problem”, offended, they thought they could put together another show, put it on the air the following Sunday, and that the results would be the same.

The rest is history.


It is worth noting that the criticism here is not directed at the staff of “Encrenca”.

It’s only the fault of whoever invented this leaky boat.


Votuporanguense Bel Friósi is one of the cast members of “The Green Knight,” which was previously nominated for this year’s Academy Award and who will debut on Amazon Prime Video on the 21st.
“O Cavaleiro Verde”, title in Portuguese, directed by David Lowry.

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The London-based Bell has already co-starred in one of the seasons of “The Crown,” by Netflix.

on purpose

Regarding the Oscars, the nominees will be announced on February 8 and the celebration on March 27.

TNT will be broadcasting closed and Globo open.

this is serious

There are many positive cases of Covid-19 in the squad’s interior, in São Paulo – radio and television stations, according to staff reports.

Professionals who, for obvious reasons, were excluded from the New Year’s shift and the beginning of this transformation.


In Band, everyone’s complaint is that if there is no stricter control to contain the virus, the scenario could become more complicated now, beyond the parties.

What was observed was that the protocols loosened and agglomerations were seen in the terminal’s interior and exterior spaces. People are starting to lose track of danger.


Yesterday morning, Fabiola Ripert and Renato Lombardi, on their way back from end-of-year break, were also confirmed to have contracted the Covid-19 virus upon their arrival in Record. Even without symptoms, they have undergone stricter checks at Moria Hospital and must stay a few days off the “balance sheet”.

Mabell Reipert and Diogenes Lucas were invited to the programme.

It’s not a joke

Disney, in turn, due to the severity of the problem and the high number of infected people, Covid and Influenza closed its studios.
Only those who are indispensable in the operation of the canals are employed at the headquarters in Sumare.

A new evaluation should be made on Sunday to see if it is possible to return on the tenth day.


Also on Globo, according to reports, several cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the past hours, especially in the press in Rio.

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I just want to see

In light of everything that is happening, the care is expected to unfold.

Worse, there are those who think about the carnival.


After a comfortable preparation, Duda Nagle proved himself to be a hero with a sword in the battle scenes of the series “Kings”.

The plot of the Bible refers to his return to Record, after his participation in the series “The Miracles of Jesus”.

scaling too

After playing the main character Jaco in “Genesis”, Miguel Coelho was also confirmed in the “Reis” team.

Enter the second season of the plot, as Jonathan, the son of King Saul and David’s best friend.

under consideration

Totenha, owner of Jovem Pan, described himself with the responsibility of finding new studios for his television.

Despite the investments in the Paulista Building, a lot of things didn’t work out well. A ceiling that is too low, for example, damages the lighting too much.


The lack of brightness in the picture and the innumerable shadows that always appear, despite the effort to correct them, are due to the lack of more adequate lighting.

The problem is finding a studio in São Paulo. There was an attempt by Tutinha to buy a gym located on the ground floor of the same building, but it was unsuccessful.

reduced version

Yesterday, information was circulated in SBT that Nadia Haddad could form a pair with Gabriel Cartolano in the presentation of the short version of “Vem Pra Cá”, starting next Monday, at a new time, in the afternoon.

just no. According to the station, only Cartolano will be in charge. By the way, what this nonsense and invention is all about is greatness.

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Globo, in the remake credits for “Pantanal,” would put itself like this: a soap opera created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and adapted by Bruno Luperi.

Scheduled to premiere on March 14th.

killer pounds

A successful series in the United States and also in Brazil through cable TV, “Kilos Mortais”, the original form of Discovery, premieres Wednesday, 22:45, under the leadership of Celso Zucatelli.

There will be 17 episodes illustrating the daily lives of obese men and women.

hit – hit

• “Amor de Mãe” won the award for Best Television Series at the Globo “Best of the Year” gala, on Sunday…

• …and Manuela Dias, the book’s author, at the time of Thanksgiving, did not forget to mention Silvio de Abreu, who is now out there, responsible for its realization.

• Already fully recorded, the first season of the series “O Coro: Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu” led by Miguel Falabella, will see a total of ten episodes…

• … The second season has begun to develop, but with a shorter duration: 8 seasons. Disney has not yet set a release date for this year.

• Patricia Abravanel went on vacation to the United States. The whole family is there…

• … However, I left unpublished editions of the recorded “Programa Silvio Santos” until the third Sunday of February …

• …in fact, due to the difficulties presented, it has become almost a prank program. New and old.

• Band informed, in a statement, that it will send its team to the Emirates to broadcast the Club World Cup…

• …I just forgot to warn: this will happen as long as all the shares are sold.