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Has it come to an end?  Bruna Biancardi and Neymar indicate a breakup

Has it come to an end? Bruna Biancardi and Neymar indicate a breakup

Neymar Jr and Bruna Biancardi | Photo: Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

After Neymar was seen without his wedding ring during training last Wednesday, it was Bruna Biancardi’s turn to appear without her engagement ring. The influencer, who is pregnant with the player’s daughter, was caught without an accessory in a video she shared on her Stories on Thursday.

It was a sponsored post she promoted for a medical clinic, and the absence of the ring ended up catching the attention of fans, who shared the content on their fan club pages. It was possible to notice that she was not wearing her ring as she quickly fixed the belt of the dress she was wearing.

Neymar, in turn, was seen again without his wedding ring last Saturday, when he posted pictures wearing the typical Saudi uniform. In one of the photos he shared, the absence of the ring was also noticed.

The player and influencer began using the ring in 2022, after spending six months apart and then getting back together again.

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