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MC Gui e Rico Melquiades em quarto de A Fazenda

MC Gui fights Rico Melquiades

Diane Milo’s return from the latest “Roca” movie in “A Fazenda 13” has caused the public to enter the atmosphere MC Gui NS Rico Melquiades Give it a warm up. This is basic post-elimination nonsense. Thus, they exchanged barbs in the early hours of Friday, the first of October.

It all started as soon as the model returned to her premises very happily, screaming “I’m back” and Rico hugging her and Aline Mineiro. In the midst of the party, the duo took the opportunity to provoke the “group”. MC GuiAnd Victor PecoraroAnd Erasmus Viana And other pawns who chanted against the brunette.

This did not make the audience very happy, but then Rico decided to push him very directly. “Suck it up, MC Gui,” he shouted. However, funkeiro preferred to lower his head and wait for the result of the hot seat knowing that he would lose one of his friends, law Project where Mosonzinho – Another is eliminated.

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When the tension subsided, Riku decided to apologize to MC Gui in front of everyone in the living room. “Guys, what I said ‘hateful, MC Gui’ my fans didn’t despise anyone, no. It was because I wanted Dai back.”

“Normal, bro. I have my opinion too,” MC Gui replied. “I don’t want to diminish anyone’s encouragement,” Rikuo added.

Tate Brix Shack, who was there, was upset by Riku’s attitude of causing and then trying to make up for himself, and said he thought such behavior was strange.

“Guys, this is a game and I’m gone, right. But it’s all too easy for people to come in wanting to make up for themselves when he comes close to living.”

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“I’m not getting myself back,” he warned the ex on vacation with the ex. “There is no point in playing the poor thing. Guys, this is a game, we will have to vote and someone will leave. Opinions each,” the funkeiras controversy continued.

MC Gui was then disturbed by the way Riku tried to stop Tati from expressing himself. “Speak and keep to yourself,” he commanded.

“I’m not saving myself,” Rico shouted. “Back up what you say, po***,” Bill pushed. “I support her. Wait, she’s back, you have to put up with it,” Riku replied again.

At that moment, Diane got impatient with the arguing between the pawns and asked Rico to keep quiet. “I don’t need a babysitter. I can communicate whenever I want and feel it. Calm down,” I asked.

Rico tried to explain, “I didn’t underestimate anyone.” “Go on,” MC Gui shouted. “I am a woman and I don’t need a cordless phone. Thank you,” Diane concluded.

The goal is to eliminate

In the outer area, Bil Araújo teamed up with MC Gui to speculate what the next “Roça” would be. Without even drawing attention, the man from São Paulo stated that he wanted to eliminate Rico and really leave reality.

GUI [Araújo] He’ll put Rico right on the field and I’ll stay here, look. My return means nothing. Now, from three to four, you can expect one thing,” Bell said. Incidentally, the influential farmer reported his decision to nominate him for removal.

“We are in an alliance. They are in a group,” MC Gui quoted, analyzing the formation of the clique between them RicoAnd Erica SchneiderAnd Diane NS aline vote together. They will match [votos]’ Bell warned.

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MC Gui, focused, admitted his desire to confront “Roça” with Rico, but prefers to go with “weak” people to gain strength against the influencer.

“[…] I need to think about my strategy to get rid of the ones I’m supposed to think of getting out before me so I can fight him in a moment of strength. They are both very strong and let’s see who has more power.”

The young man even listed the names of the participants he saw as having a great chance of getting out in a hot seat against him.

“If we have to go out, we go out to ‘Roça’ f****** … If it’s about going to ‘Roça,’ I want to go with Victor and Valentina and Erica, got it? So it gets serious for me. for those who are mighty.”

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