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In October, Brasilia hosts the Student Hall

In October, Brasilia hosts the Student Hall

On October 2, Brasilia will host Salão do Estudante, the largest international educational event in Latin America. With more than 100 educational institutions represented from different countries, the event targets Brazilian students looking for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as exchange and language learning options.

In Brasilia, the Student Hall is held at the Brasil 21 Convention Center (Setor Hoteleiro Sul). The event will also be held in six other capitals: Rio de Janeiro (October 3 and 5), in Copacabana and Pará, São Paulo (October 7 and 8), Salvador (October 10), Belo Horizonte (October 12) and Curitiba (October 14).

The institutions participating in this event offer undergraduate and postgraduate options abroad. Representatives of several international institutions are participating in the exhibition, such as the University of Montreal from Canada; University of California San Diego, USA; University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Portugal, in turn, will have about 20 institutions, including universities such as Porto, Lisbon, Católica, polytechnics and private universities. It is worth noting that since 2014, the National Examination for Secondary Education (Enem) has been accepted by Portuguese universities as a form of admission.

Student Hall 2023

October 2
From 2 p.m
Location: Centro de Convenções Brasil 21 – Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Block 06, Shop 01, Cluster A, Brasília-DF

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25 September 2023 at 12:17

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