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Gre-Nal becomes Ravinia's baptism in Grêmio, while Colorados fights for salvation |  Gaucho Championship

Gre-Nal becomes Ravinia’s baptism in Grêmio, while Colorados fights for salvation | Gaucho Championship

Just a month after Gre-Nal From Gauchão’s first stage, the spat will take place once again over Rio Grande do Sul’s greatest classic. But now with a decisive face. Even because of the proximity of it Gremio victory 1-0 In the ring, there will be little news in the first match of the final, on Sunday, 16:00, at Beira-Rio.

In fact, only one: Right-back, Ravinia, from Grêmio. Defensive midfielder Thiago Santos may also make the first Gre-Nal player, but has a muscle problem in his left thigh He should get him out of the game. Colorado, in turn, is dependent on The experience of a group of players in the confrontation despite the recent negative history.

Sunday’s match will take place 43 days after the Tricolor win by 1 to 0 in the state’s first stage. On that occasion, Liu Chu scored the only goal of the match, in the 43rd minute of the second half, on the field.

Ravinia was introduced four days earlier and was welcomed by his teammates. At the request of Renato Portalube, he quickly became a novice. Support and qualifying pass are origins in his team sequence, even after the departure of the Gremista idol and the arrival of Tiago Nunes.

Rafinha was one of the most prominent figures in the victory over Lanus – Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

Colorado with experience and negative background

On the part of the owners of the house, there will be no newcomers in the history of the classic. From the current cast, Palacios is the owner of the least accurate. In a first stage duel, he entered 17 into the second half and took the first steps in Gre-Nais.

He recovered from a bruise In the semi-final against Juventud, the Chilean was on the bench against Libertadores’ Deportivo Tachira, and he is supposed to play his first match in a running match on Sunday.

Whereda that Miguel Angel Ramirez You need to select a name from among four attack options, The possible alternatives had already been opposed to the classic. If there was more experience, there would be no adequate recall of the past.

The past few years have seen complications for Inter. Although the group was given oxygen over time, failures were repeated.

Thiago Gallardo is one of the few players to score in Nal Run – Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

Even Colorado, then led by Abel Braga, won the penultimate classic and broke 11 games quickly without winning the biggest competitor. But a fresh defeat in April halted the reaction.

Saturday will be the last for Ramirez and Thiago Nunes to search for formations. On Sunday, the answer will emerge if Rafinha will start high in the classics, or if the colors will recover. Gre-Nal takes place at 16 o’clock, in Beira-Rio.