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Fernando Scheffer in the final of the 200 meters freestyle

Fernando Scheffer in the final of the 200 meters freestyle

Brazilian Fernando Schaefer qualified eighth and reached the final of the 200m freestyle. chevre He jumped to lane number four and took the lead for the first hundred yards. In the last 50 metres, he was crossed and finished third in the first series, with time 1 m 45 sec 71.

“I’m very happy, the goal was step by step. We went through a knockout, in the semi-finals. Now it’s time to rest and see what we can improve to reach the final,” Schaffer celebrated, soon after qualifying.

If Schaeffer wasn’t winning a medal before the Olympics, he now has a real chance to climb the podium.

“I think the most important thing is to look at us, not look at others too much, even because the competition has no favourite. Sometimes the interest in the guy next door can be unattractive. He tries to do his best in sweat, water and all that comes from that,” said the Brazilian swimmer It is a result.”

With 1min45s71, the Brazilian was going through a worse time than he had in the knockout stage, when he won his qualifier by 1min 45mins. But he thinks he should swim better in the final. “I think there is a bit of buildup in race after race. The rest time is a bit small. But I think for the final, there is a full day to rest well and put your head in the right place and go for it tomorrow,” Schaefer summed up.

In the qualifying test for the semi-finals of the 200-meter freestyle, Murillo Sartori finally finished qualifying, with a time of 01:47,11, and was unable to qualify. In the 100m backstroke, Guilherme Basseto had a performance of 53sec84 and ended up being disqualified.

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The Brazilian 4x100m Freestyle Relay was the largest swimming event in Brazil. The team made up of Breno Correia, Pedro Spajari, Gabriel Santos and Marcelo Chierighini made the fifth inning with 03min12seg59 and is in a fight for a medal.